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Aaron Brody attended Kingsborough Community College and Touro College where he earned associate's and bachelor’s degrees in psychology. While completing his studies, Aaron began an apprenticeship under his father, Philip Brody, an audiologist. He began working individually with patients, repairing hearing aids, and learning proper patient care for the hearing impaired. He became increasingly interested in audiology and hearing aid technology and found the interactions he had with each patient to be extremely rewarding. In the summer of 2005, Aaron attended training at the Starkey Center of Excellence, learning more about hearing aid technology and hearing aid fittings.

After completing his training, he took on a full-time position as a hearing aid specialist in his father’s office. Today, Aaron continues the practice of valuing customer care and satisfaction while providing the latest in hearing aid technology.


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“I liked Aaron Brody's style in testing, setting up a loaner pair of hearing aids so I could see what it would be like to hear lots better and then the sets of adjustments - all very professional but also paying attention to my needs and tolerances.”

- Laura W. of Brooklyn, NY

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1570 52nd Street
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ph: (718) 853.4107